Establishment of an address register is given a top priority by the Government of Azerbaijan. A Presidential Decree on the establishment of an address register was adopted on 27 November 2008 (No. 27), mandating the SCPI to establish the register.

Overall objectives, planned results and activities

The overall objective of the project is to develop an address register information system in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 27 November 2008 (No. 27), to be used for data entry, for data storage and for distribution of address information to users. The register system shall:

  • Facilitate systematic massive registration of existing addresses as well as sporadic registration of addresses
  • Be a central database with a textual and a graphical part
  • Include an application for data entry at the central and local level of the SCPI’s relevant subordinated body
  • Facilitate distribution of address information to users as well as electronic exchange of address information with other electronic registers in Azerbaijan
  • Be designed in accordance with the international standards and best European practises.  In this respect special references are made to the EURADIN project and to the INSPIRE directive of the European Union.


  1. Development of technical specifications for the Address Register IT-system.
  2. Development and implementation of the Information System for the Address Register.