Since the establishment of Georgia as an independent state, the Government has allocated much effort to privatization of land and buildings. Securing private ownership to property and establishing a functioning market in privatized property, with opportunities to use property as security for loans, is regarded as a fundamental issue for social and economic development. NAPR has achieved significant success in the development and implementation of a modern, efficient and transparent system for registration of property rights and transactions, with a possibility for serving the public via internet.

However, the location of parcel boundaries is poorly documented, because of lack of appropriate maps. A large number of property titles, especially for property shares in rural areas, were issued without field surveying of parcel boundaries and do not have any maps indicating the property location. Only old maps from the Soviet time - last update in 1982 - are still available, being outdated and largely not reflecting the current situation on the ground. This is causing land disputes, significant problems to real estate registration, as well as to land use planning, to improvements to infrastructure, to construction and to sustainable land management, to name some issues in need of up-to-date maps.

As is the case for many new states of former Soviet Union, Georgia has not been able to establish domestic capacity for production of maps, and depends on bringing in foreign companies. NAPR is responsible for development and implementation of a national spatial data infrastructure in Georgia, and distribution of reliable and updated geographic information to state and public institutions, private sector and public in general. New maps are much needed for Georgia. They will form the basic layer for the infrastructure, as well as help identifying and correct errors that occurred during initial privatization.

Project aims

The project goal is to provide access to geographic information - new photomaps for securing ownership, for land use planning and land management.
In addition the project aims at establishing a solution for Internet based access to property maps and other maps for planning and development, domestically as well as for combination of geographic data across national borders for environmental protection and response to natural disasters in compliance with concept of NSDI and the EU Inspire directive - which also states outside the Union are encouraged to take part in.


  1. Project supervision and reporting
  2. Production of maps:
  3. Quality Control
  4. Development and implementation of the Internet based solution for data distribution 
  5. Public awareness campaign and closing workshop

News: Line maps for flooded areas of Georgia

NAPR received additional funding to assist with disaster response and remediation after flooding 13th-14th June, 2015.

On June 13-14, 2015 a significant flood occurred in the Vere River valley in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It resulted in at least 20 human deaths and severe damages to houses and infrastructure. The Government and local administration lacked appropriate geographic information to assess damages and to plan repairs and reconstruction.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority applied to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for additional funds for aerial photographing and preparation of photomaps for the flood-affected area in Georgia.

The grant was awarded, and the contract was signed with AAC, Ukraine. With ensured additional financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Mapping Authority offered NAPR urgent help with preparing geographic information for the area of 200 sq. km. affected by the flood.

An additional contract with AAC was signed on 30 June, mobilisation and aerial photography was completed in July and orthophotos were delivered on 25 August. Data capturing of aerial imagery with a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 10 cm was recently completed, and orthophoto with 10 cm resolution was delivered by 25 August 2015.

Since NAPR lacked Technical Specifications (standards, requirements, data model, feature catalogue, etc.) they used the delivered aerial images for preparation of a digital topographic (line) map conforming to European standards. Production of Line Maps is based on the aerial photography and aerial triangulation carried out during the orthophoto production mentioned above. The line maps will provided Georgian authorities with a useful tool for decision-making, planning of the repairs and reconstruction and handling the compensation cases.

The Norwegian Company TerraTec AS was contracted for preparation of Technical Specifications for the Line maps that were used in the international tender for preparation of a modern base map for Georgia. The contract for construction of these maps has been awarded to AAC.