Rett I sjøkartet

The Norwegian Mapping Authority launched the registration service Rett i sjøkartet  in February 2020. This service is currently only available in Norwegian. The service makes it easy to report observations, errors and omissions in the chart. Click on the map and registrer your case. Create a user and get status and feedback on processing.


Nautical information and data for updating in sea charts can, for the time being, also be sent by e-mail to as before. Such information includes both temporary (T) and preliminary (P) notices, as well as all amendments of a more permanent nature.

Delivery of data

Information can be delivered in various formats, such as SOSI, Shape or in the form of a map sketch with positions. The Norwegian Mapping Authority prefers that coordinates be specified in WGS84 datum. It is important that data be delivered with additional information on which datum and coordinate system they are based upon. It is required that submitted information is followed up. Note that not all information will be published as map corrections in Etterretninger for sjøfarende or be presented in a map. Assessments and priorites are made based on the scale and readability of the map, navigational hazard and other conditions.

It is of importance for safety at sea that the official nautical charts are quickly and continuously updated. This is especially true in connection with new constructions and modifications of installations at sea which may affect safe navigation. Inadequate updates may cause damage to vessels and installations which can lead to compensation claims from third parties. The Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service is not responsible for the lack of update-to-date information due to the owner not sending them sufficient information. Questions about contribution and delivery of nautical information, or information about your case, can be sent on e-mail to, or call the Norwegian Mapping Authority on + 47 32 11 80 00.