Data can be used to illustrate the sub surface terrain, or as the basis for marine spatial planning and analysis. The Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service does not collect bathymetric data for lakes and inland waters.

If you are looking for detailed terrestrial elevation data and terrain models on land, go to

Which datasets are available?

The Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service offers bathymetric data in various formats (GML, SOSI, Shape, GeoTIFF etc) and resolutions. Data offered through are either of such a resolution that they do not fall under the data protection act, or they are located outside Norwegian territorial waters.

Inside Norwegian territorial waters, the highest resolution allowed is no higher than 50 meters between every sounding included in a dataset. Higher resolution data are confidential in accordance to the national security act (ref prop. 116 L (2016-2017)).

National coverage:

  • Depth data
  • Terrain models of the seabed 50 m grid

Regional/local coverage:

  • Terrain models of the seabed DTM 25 m grid
  • Terrain models of the seabed DTM 5 m grid
  • Depth data Søre Sunnmøre: Download at

Bathymetric data at

How to order high-resolution bathymetric data

Kartverket also offer high-resolution bathymetric data; high-resolution grid and point clouds (asci xyz). Such detailed depth data must be ordered directly from the Hydrographic Service via e-mail to

The Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service will apply to the Norwegian Armed Forces for the downgrading of data you need. It is therefore important that in your application you provide information on:

  • The area you wish to order data for.
  • What the data will be used for.
  • How the data will be used.
  • Whether the data is to be shared with a third party.

The dataset in itself is free, but you will be charged a fee for the application to the Norwegian Armed Forces, and for costs incurred in preparing/compiling the datasets ordered.

Is data available for my area?

Coverage hydrographic survey WMS shows which areas have been surveyed using modern and historic methods.

If high-resolution bathymetric data is unavailable in the area you require, you can:

  • Send a request stating your need for data to
  • Order a survey directly from the companies certified by the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrogrpahic Service.

NB: You will need permission by the Norwegian Armed Forces to conduct hydrographic surveys in Norwegian coastal waters. This applies to all collection of high resolution bathymetric data.

For more information, please contact our customer service by phone +47 32 11 80 00 or e-mail

Available services

Several of our bathymetric datasets are also available as WMS, WFS and WCS.

A complete list of available services can be found on

WMS guidelines are found here (in Norwegian only).